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January 11, 2009


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Angela W

Great! Thanks for sharing! I guess I need to start printing my pics and get the album and divided page protectors!


Cute, cute!

I'm so proud of myself . . .I've got all 11 pics so far. Also very few with people, but hey, my pic today is one of me dancing the "shopping cart" with my Brownie troop. {grin}

Debbie Thomas

Thanks for sharing. Has anyone run into the problem of wanting to add a portrait picture rather than landscape?

Also, does anyone have a good picture of Terri? I took one while there and it was blurry. Sharing the picture will also help Terri from going through the agony of having her picture taken 50 different times.

After completing the first two weeks of this project, I've decided the following:
1) Its OK if its not perfect. For example I bought a new corner punch and didn't figure out how to use it until day 10. I'm just gonna live with the funny corners.

2) I made to typo mistake. I just fixed it with a pen.

If you haven't read Stacy Jullian's books on "The Big Picture" and "Photo Freedom," I highly recommend it. Stacy Jullian's scrapbooking style and theories are so simple, yet enlighting. Terri is teach a class on "Photo Freedom." It is will be a great class. Stacy Jullian has changed the way I scrapbook for the better.

Stacy Jullian lets herself off the hook for one thing everyday. I love this....

Excited to be working on this project.

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