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December 23, 2008


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Rhonda T

My goal is to re-do my scrapbooking room to make it more convenient and useful. Right now it's so junky I have to do all my work on the kitchen table! isn't that sad????

Judy Cartwright

I'll be working on last minute gifts until the wee hours.......one year I was sewing on Raggedy Ann hair on the way over to my brother's house!! :)

My goal for 2009 is to get my finances in order so we might be able to buy a house.


My goal is to organize and back up my photos.

Marjorie Rice

One of my goals for 2009 is to complete 2 heritage albums, one from my family and one forom my husband's family. I know it will take a lot of time but I think it is the greatest way to keep memories alive, espically since three of our parents are already gone.

Ruth Ann

I was just thinking about my goals last night. I resolve to walk 30 minutes a day and scrap 30 minutes a day. I've gotten too lazy and need to make some changes.

Deanna Layne

my goal for 2009 is to set my family on the course to be debt free, to live everyday as if it is my last, and to love with all of my heart!

Anita McGuire

wow - I love all the goals above! I just set up my scraproom so my goal is to scrap everyday + keep up with all the photos I take on weekly basis(edit them, print them, store them ready to scrap), PLUS sign up for as many scrap nights at Simply Scrapbook as I can!! - Anita

Ashley Mallory

My goals are to try to be stress free!! And try to get my health back up to par so we can try to start a family again!

Angela W

My goal is too keep up with my workouts in order to get to a healthier weight. We are also working on becoming mostly debt free in 2009! I am working on 2008 albums for family as my last minute gifts!

jonna brakebill

read more....


I have lots of goals to tend to in 2009! One of them is to be on time. I am habitually late and I need to start focusing on being on time. Leaving 10 minutes earlier than I do now will make a big difference.

A scrapbooking goal is to document more everyday events instead of just the big ones that happen. I want to be more real in my journaling. Not just the good, but the ugly too! : )


amie harrison

Well, i thought i commented here, but now it's gone! I want to quit being so hard on myself. I want to enjoy scrapbooking again. I want to take more pics of my kids.


Vanna Snyder

My goal is to get a job!

Fran Danner

My goal is to get moved - still trying to sell our house. We want a bigger home but smaller, much smaller yard. Of course, I am always working on health and finances. Those are ongoing goals my whole life!


Fran Danner

My comments seem to disappear, too. I'll try again: Get moved as soon as our house sells and get my sb room set up again. It's been packed since October! Become debt free (including house) by 2010 so I can retire. Eat healthy - an on going battle with all these Christmas goodies!


Sheila Foreman

My goal for 2009 is going back to church. I have not been in 1 year.

Fran Danner

Here's another egg salad recipe that I've made for years.
6 eggs
6 slices bacon cooked crisp and crumbled
1/2 cup black olives diced
4 leaves of lettuce cut up fine
salt and pepper to taste
enough mayo to make it moist.

So delicious that I usually double the recipe. Adjust lettuce and olives to suit your taste but don't leave them out!

Leslie Hoyt

My goal is to spend time each day enjoying the moment... Garrett is growing up so fast.

cheryl carter

I want to scrap more at home and prepare my materials so I can complete more pages at SS. while I hang out with Anita! :)

Elaine Lewellen

finish the vacation scrapbook that is half done before I start another one.


I have several goals for the new year. One is to get my scrappy space organized and actually use my space!!
Merry Christmas everyone!

sarah williams

#1 is of course lose weight. But I'd like to also scrapbook this Christmas. I always buy the stuff to do each x-mas, but haven't done 1 year yet!

Cathie Riley

As almost always, My number one goal is to loose weight. I also want to clean up my scrapbooking room and be a better housekeeper in 2009. Cathie R

pat williams

We have planned a entire family vacation to Disney World. That will be 12 at last count but will make for some great memories and lots of scrapping. Can't wait to see my grandkids in Mickey's backyard.


tehehe . . . .I've got quite a few goals I need to work on in the next 2 years -- but I think the #1 goal is to get the weight under control.

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